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Pasatama Travel Service is a qualified Tour Operator operated by professional and friendly team. The main business is to arrange Komodo adventure trip, Flores Kelimutu three colors lake exploration, and Komodo Flores overland tour.

In addition, we also organize Lombok Golf tour, Lombok Meeting and Incentive tour, daily Lombok trip, Lombok tour packages, Lombok Rinjani trekking package, Sumba travel, Timor package, Borobudur cultural tour, Bromo night trekking, Orangutan Borneo adventure trip, Sulawesi packages, and other tour destinations in Indonesia.

The tour is escorted by well experience and smart multilingual guides who  understand much about Komodo dragon lizards, Flores Island, Kelimutu three colors lake, local culture & tradition, Lombok travel, Lombok trekking package, Golf tour, Meeting package, Incentive tour, Convention and Exhibition, MICE, Surfing trip, Sumba travel, Java tour package, Borneo trip, and Sulawesi trip.

Komodo and Flores Islands is completely unspoiled and sparkling Island among the archipelago. Those who love adventure exploration Komodo and Flores islands are the best choice to discover. Its culture and nature are really amazing. The most breathtaking pink beach of Komodo Island is the crystalline spots for swimming, snorkeling, and diving.

Come to Komodo and Flores Islands quickly to complete the adventure Island exploration with a wonderful trek to discover Komodo dragon lizards and to explore Kelimutu three colors lake.

Investigate Komodo and Flores Islands now to see the world of the past 30 years and to make the dream comes true. The neighboring Islands of Komodo and Flores are  Sumba, and Timor Island. Besides inhabited by cannibal animal of dragon lizard Varanus Komodoensis, Komodo  is also suitable place for diving trip. To dive in the beach around Komodo is a pleasant marine trip. Komodo package is the mascot The Lesser Sunda Islands tour destination. Having a tour to Komodo is an adventure and challenging trip. Imagine the boat ride to Komodo island. Before visiting komodo feeding ground the baby komodo welcome us in the pier. Flores is a Portuguese word for flower due to they used to occupy Flores before moving to Timor Island at the 15th century. Flores is so well known for Kelimutu 3 colors lake adventure. If Komodo is the mascot of Flores-Kelimutu is star of the east since on the surface of the earth the three colors can only be found in Flores-Kelimutu. Do not go to other place before seeing Flores-Kelimutu lake.